Friday, March 11, 2016

Ablation Surgery for Liver Tumor

Today is the day, finally getting surgery on my liver.  I know it sounds weird to be excited about it, but I am in the sense that I have a lot of hope for how I will feel after the surgery and recovery.
Recently we have been completely focused on the mets in my spine and liver.  I have been told these are two parts of the body that chemo has a more difficult time treating. That makes sense as the spine is encased and protected from things crossing that barrier to protect the brain, you may remember from health science that the spinal column and fluid are directly linked to the base of your skull.  And, the liver is cleaning out the junk from your body, and chemo is junk - so it probably doesn't get a chance to do it's work there because the liver wants to sweep it up and get it out.
Getting this surgery leaves me with hope that we will have gained some control over two spots that were growing out of control and could have become very threatening to my health. I also feel nervous about tumors in my liver.  That sounds like something that happens when someone doesn't have much left to win in the battle.  By getting these areas under control I feel better positioned for a miracle - being cured of this nasty cancer.  And, if God isn't ready to do that, I am hoping to treat one of the major causes of the complete physical exhaustion I have felt for months. I have been on disability from work since October, but can't get to where I feel like I have been on break and resting.  I am just completely worn down. Something as simple as standing near the chair and watching my daughters get their braces adjusted completely took the strength to finish the doctors appointments we had yesterday.  When was the last time you got tired from standing up for 10 minutes? 
Today I have been awake for hours, just nervous jitters before a big day.  And, in addition to laundry, perusing medical bills, and cleaning the bathroom floor I have been searching the internet for things like "does the liver have nerves/ feel pain", "recover/liver ablation", "blog about liver ablation", or any thing written by a patient about this treatment. I haven't had much luck. (frowny face)  So, I only know what the doctors say - that recovery is about 2-4 weeks.
And, so I will march forward, praying for my children to have the strength to endure mom's problems a little longer.  And, I will be putting my faith in the Lord and hoping this treatment will be a huge advantage in the treatment of my cancer and in regaining some of my strength and stamina.

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