Monday, January 18, 2016

Numbing pain, hospital stay

I am so blessed by the actions and service of others. There are too many services for me to list, but a lot of people have joined a circle of select friends after spending hours holding my hand while I cried, had snot drip down my nose and me using my shirt as tissue, walking behind me when I wore a hospital gown (lol), etc. 

I am doing better. I am in the hospital, have been since last Thursday. I have been in extreme pain for many days and had that same level of pain most of the time for the last month.  

Today results from my PET/CT scan came back. I have been praying my results would direct my doctors down a clear treatment path. As Dr Beshay discussed them with me he said they were very clear. He said my complaints, the EMG and this test all pointed to the spine, specifically L3/4. 

The plan:
1)  get me out of the hospital and home
2)  do Cyberknife Radiation. This is a more exact form of radiation so a much higher dose can be used. 
-- I also talked to Dr J today. There is some more activity in the liver, so following my spine we will have the surgery to address that problem. And we will resume chemo after these two treatments are complete--
3) Surgery on the liver to stop the cancer there
4)  resume chemo

Prayers are still needed. Please pray that (#1) I will be clear in explaining my pain to the doctors so I can get a pain management to use at home that will be successful. (#2) the doctors will continue to be inspired in their treatment plans for me (#3) my continued optimism and faith that I will one day be healed completely. 

Thanks for all your love. 

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