Monday, October 12, 2015

New chemo + radiation + exhaustion

The quarterly scans I last had showed new lesions in the left leg and continued spots on the liver. More horrible right hip pain led to MRIs that showed lesions in the marrow of the right hip. So, Kadcyla has been added to the list of failed chemo treatments. I am pretty unhappy about that since it was an easy chemo to tolerate. 
I am back in radiation for the right hip. It's an emotional struggle to face. 
I also started a new chemo, navelbine. It isn't too horrible, it has caused a lot of stomach issues and I am completely tired all the time. Wait... I guess that is pretty bad. But, it could always be worse. 
I am struggling to do the things that life requires; kids, work, cleaning. So, we will just keep faking it for a while. 

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